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Vinotherapy: Wine not just for drinking

The word vinotherapy conjures up images of sipping a fine glass of wine with your legs kicked up on the table listening to relaxing music in the calm ambiance of your living room (or maybe closet for those of us with kids) after a hard day.…

Red Wine Bath: BS or Freaking Amazing?

Red Wine Bath = Vinotherapy This story starts in Bordeaux (aka Merlot country) where a savvy young French girl by the name of Mathilde Thomas (that’s “Mah-tild Toe-mah”) was touring guests in her parents’ winery. One guest, who was…
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Popularity of Wine Therapy

Recent studies suggesting that the French suffer less heart disease due to a regular intake of wine confirmed what most oenophiles have long suspected: wine not only tastes good - it's also good for you. But the rejuvenative qualities in…