Since the old ages, the power of wine has been recognized as exceptional gift of the nature. Nowadays, grapes, grape seeds and vine are the most up-to-date trends in growing global and becoming a part of the huge touristic offer. Vine therapy and wine spa just confirm the thesis that “vine is not only good for drinking, but it is also good for your pores and whole body“.

wine Therapy
Wine Therapy

This original (and in the region only) kind of therapy we use at Garden Spa Boutique hotel in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, continues the centuries old heritage and tradition of respect for grape growing and vine culture, which has existed in this region for over 4,000 years. Macedonia and Macedonians with their etno culture difference have a great pioneer role in the history of vine growing and winery in the Mediterranean and in Europe.

Vine and grapes, and its byproduct, wine, have been constantly famed for their refreshing, and rejuvenating abilities through their consumption and use on skin.  Wine therapy has been considered a big part of the lives of royalty for good health and skin, and it has since been adapted using new massage techniques and ointments, with the same results – great health and great skin.

Between the walls of our Boutique Hotel Garden Spa, you can get an exclusive wine therapy treatment, which is only offered in three countries in Europe, including Macedonia. Macedonia is a country famous for its rich wine tradition, dating back centuries, and has continued with its affinity to grow and produce grapes and wine even today. Therefore our spa center not only promises an extraordinary service offered, but that all the products we use stem from our local culture and are promise a unique experience only available here

Wine TherapyThe wine therapy we offer uses various ointments, organic grapes, vine and grape seed extracts as massage oils that will provide you with a memorable relaxing time, and will provide long-lasting effects for your skin and body. Grape-seed polyphenols, used in our therapy, are the most powerful plant anti-oxidants, and clear and protect your skin. Vine resvеratrol has powerful anti-aging properties which decrease cell degradation and intensifies skin firmness. Other extracts, such as viniferine, grape water and vinolevure, increase protective properties against dark spots, and are rich in potassium and calcium.

As you enjoy your wine bath, or you want to perfectly wrap-up the therapy after your massage, you may enjoy in the taste of our fine selection of red and white Macedonian wines.