Botox is often portrayed in the media as an artificial agent that causes muscles to relax. The truth is botox is a protein that is naturally produced by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinium. What is surprising is that this bacteria can be found quite readily in our homes, on carpets, desk tops and even in kitchens ! But relax, the bacterium itself does no harm. And the protein that we call Botox needs to be produced in significant volume for it to have an effect.

The first time the bacteria came under scrutiny was when it was found to cause sausages to swell! In fact, the name Botulis in latin means sausages! Meat left out in heat can cause food poisoning as we all know – and one of the culprits, in the 18th century, was found to be the neurotoxin produced by the bacteria.


Botox (wrinkle treatments)Amount
One area (eg. frown lines)£125
Two areas (eg. frown line and crow`s feet) £185
Whole face£225
Platysma and lower facefrom £250
Under eyes tear trough£250
Lips from£200
Lines around mouth and lips£200 * (2nd vial £150)
Cheek filling from£250 * (2nd vial £150)

* Prices for dermal fillers depend on how many vials are needed